tsorpm #5 
(lista #1)


31.557 words

two computers, four books

3 days sound performance

8:22:59 min

BABEL, Contemporary Locus, Former Church of S. Michele all’Arco - Bergame, IT - 2016

tsorpm #5 explores the aesthetic, conceptual and rhythmic potential of sound repetition through the computer / performer. Starting from an idea of classification, I decomposed the entire lexical structure of a novel "Le château des destins croisée" (including punctuation), ordering all the words contained. Then I reorganized these words into chapters based on their occurrence in the text. Finally, I published a new book which is read by two computers. The double reading is not synchronized but shifted

by 30 minutes. During the cross-reading, the text underwent a slow and relentless semantic degradation. Words were reduced to their original condition of Sound through their repetition. Thus, their onomatopoeic potential was revealed and, while the repetition marked time, the rhythmic and obsessive sound interacted ans invaded the space.