tsorpm #3
(mail images)
0:53:14 min
25.212 different images


extra of one minute video

tsorpm #3 is the third work that makes up this series, and consists of a collection of images begun in 2012 which, to date, has 25,212 elements. The work is presented in the form of a video lasting 53 minutes and 14 seconds in which the 25,212 images pass at a speed of 6 per second.

These images are the same which accompany, like a frontispiece, the emails and newsletters received by me on a daily basis from art galleries, museums, art centers, and more particularly digital platforms of contemporary art.
Akin to an allegory of the contemporary signic hypertrophy, TSORPM #3 seizes the everyday imaginary of the art system to translate the memorial potential as well as the frustration of an ephemeral temporality.