Luca Resta works with accumulation and subtraction processes, intended as empirical devices for stratification and overlapping. For years, his endless collections have mapped daily life. Thanks to various artwork, from sculpture to installation, from sound to video or performance, he rereads personal and collective memory with acute irony. His vocabulary composed of series and homologation, replication and standardisation, industrial accumulation and mechanical iterationenters into dialogue with his devices and practice the artefact, the manual labour. Each artwork is produced by the artist, who tries to exasperate the duel with technology.

Making use of different sculptural materials, Resta also highlights their potential and physical limits. His works are everyday experiences expressing a hybrid aesthetic/narrative dialectic. Although stemming from the main theme of repetition, they always offer different aesthetic solutions. Each work functions as a sort of endless loop, within a process that weaves together appearance and reality. Through consecutive and meticulous gestures, Resta explores social constructs and their logic based on repetitive mechanisms, both physical and mental. He introduces viewers to the main question of his work: “What are we looking at?”

Empty frames, screens of cell phones and laptops, plastic bottles, are some of the objects that Resta offers to the viewer. At first glance, everything looks “normal”, known. It is the accurate gaze that instead reveals the discrepancy between reality and representation. Something almost imperceptible awakens the attention, and questions our perception skill and the memorial accuracy of our cultural background.

In the small object as in the environmental installation, the creative process disguised as an ordinary image. The ephemeral nature of his works meets the viewer thanks to the aesthetic potential that, while hiding behind the idea of “common”, reappears thanks to new ways of looking at it.