I probe the vertigo of the series.

I get into the logic underlying collections and other practices of replication, standardization, accumulation, stratification and overlapping.

Starting from various found items, I create different series of objetcs, gestures, images and sounds. In these processes, the sculpture is my main medium. While I explore the potential and limits of various materials, I also investigate practices where material disappears to make room for the new shaped object, and vice-versa. Consecutive and meticulous gestures become here devices to explore social constructs and their logic. 

The main question of my work is: “What are we looking at?”

Boxes, disposable objects and paper tapes are some of the elements that I work with in order to reveal the discrepancy between reality and representation. In the small object as in the environmental installation, the creative process disguises as an ordinary image. The ephemeral nature of my works meets the viewer thanks to the aesthetic potential that, while hiding behind the idea of “common” form, reappears thanks to new ways of looking at it.

My works put on stage everyday experiences through endless collections and acute irony. Although stemming from the main theme of repetition and serie, I try to push myself beyond the limits of representation through new forms of interdisciplinary contemporary creation.